ABOUT US: Established in 2010, Veranda Sky has over 10 years of experience in producing and selling high-quality Winter Garden and Pergola models for residential and commercial use. Quality control and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We offer custom design, manufacturing and installation services at a surprisingly affordable price. We invite you to look through our extensive collection of fine Winter Garden and Pergola and contact us for a complimentary quote.


Quality and customer satisfaction are our basic principles. Veranda SKY applies the continuity policy in the quality of its manufactured Winter Garden and Pergola systems. We produce quality Winter Garden and Pergola models using the first-class materials and the first-class workmanship. We are continuing Winter Garden and Pergola production with our experienced and gentle employees and we make you your home and workplaces become a pleasure to you.

We are happy to work with 100% customer satisfaction-oriented and long-lasting products and applications at a more affordable cost, as well as contributing to our customers.


MİSSİON: By understanding the needs and expectations of the customers in the best way, it is to offer the most appropriate alternatives and the most suitable solutions to the customer. In addition, to ensure customer satisfaction and to improve our products with the feedback from them.